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NOTE: This eBay user is based in the U.S., and unfortunately, only ships here. 
I don’t usually post PSA’s, but I believe this is important and would be beneficial to a lot of people.
So, summer is here, and people are out and about more, but so are creeps. I went on eBay to buy some pepper spray (pink, preferably) and I found this eBay account: http://www.ebay.com/usr/donzipaul
This user has excellent rating and wonderful feedback, as well as a lot of good products all for protecting oneself in case a situation were to occur. They sell all shown above, as well as sets and packs, and some really clever items like pepper spray disguised in perfume bottles and pens. IT IS FOR A LOW COST WITH FAST AND FREE SHIPPING.
I got the pink pepper spray with “the cat” keychain for only $5.99. It’s definitely worth the cost. These are all “buy it now” products, so you don’t have to bid. They have a variety of colors as well, if you’d prefer red or black over the colors shown above. 
If you or any of your followers are from the U.S. please reblog and signal boost this. I want people to be aware and hopefully tell their family and friends as well. 
Protection is always worth investing in. Stay safe this summer. 
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